How to solve the dust problem in organic fertilizer machine production?


Organic fertilizer production is an effective means of waste resource utilization, which can reduce the pollution of waste to the environment and is an environmental protection project. However, in some fertilizer production processes, the dust pollution is large, resulting in the secondary pollution of the environment, so as to the harm of dust, the following skills and methods can be selected in the organic fertilizer machine production process to prevent dust.

Dust pollution sources generally exist in:

(1) When the raw materials are unloaded into the warehouse and handled in different workshops with the carrier

(2) When fermenting and turning raw materials

(3) When using the crusher to crush raw materials

(4) When the fertilizer particles are dried and cooled

Organic fertilizer machine solves dust pollution of organic fertilizer:

Wet dustproof is a simple, economical and useful dustproof method. Dust is easy to absorb, agglomerate and gain weight when encountering water, which can greatly reduce dust attack and laxity, and improve air quality of working environment.

Sealed dust source is a useful skill to prevent dust from escaping. It is often used in cooperation with ventilation and dust removal skill.

Ventilation and dust removal is the most widely used and effective technical method in industrial production. Ventilation and dedusting is to control the dust source effectively by means of ventilation, extract the dust containing gas and discharge it into the atmosphere after being purified by the dust remover, so as to make the dust concentration of the air in the operation area reach the request of the cleaning standard, and make the tail gas reach the request of the emission standard.

Self protection is an auxiliary method. Generally, on the basis of other skills and methods, various protective devices (such as masks, dust masks, dust masks, dust helmets, etc.) are used to further prevent dust inhalation and reduce the harm of dust to human body.
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