What factors need to be considered when investing in building organic fertilizer plants?


As people's awareness of food quality continues to increase, the use of organic fertilizers continues to increase, which brings unprecedented opportunities to organic fertilizer manufacturers. Since most of the raw materials for the production of organic fertilizers are agricultural wastes, such as livestock and poultry manure, in the process of producing organic fertilizers, if improperly handled, it will cause secondary pollution to the ecological environment and even cause opposition from the public. Therefore, it should pay sufficient attention to the site selection, planning and design, raw material selection and process determination of organic fertilizer construction.

1. Determination of raw materials: According to the principle of local selection according to local conditions, organic fertilizer production raw materials are selected. Because the production of organic fertilizers is waste utilization, the price is not high, so try not to have the cost of shipping more expensive than raw materials, otherwise the products will lose market competitiveness. In addition, whether the quantity of raw materials is sufficient, whether the price of raw materials is expensive, and whether the raw materials can be continuously supplied are factors that organic fertilizer manufacturers should consider. According to raw materials can choose the corresponding fertilizer granulator machine.

2. Selection of the site: Because the production of raw materials in the transportation and fermentation process produces a special smell, the location of the organic fertilizer plant is best to adhere to the following principles: away from residential areas and industrial areas, so as not to cause damage to surrounding residents and other manufacturers Resentment, and closer to the main raw material production, in order to reduce transportation costs and transportation pollution, transportation and water and electricity supply should also be based on aspects. Especially for npk fertilizer production, the choice of factory site is very important.

3. Site planning of organic fertilizer plants: It is also necessary to abide by the principle of adapting to local conditions, and fully utilize all the conditions of planning and construction of organic fertilizer plants in accordance with their actual conditions, so as to maintain the independence of the fermentation site and avoid unnecessary unnecessary work areas and other living areas. The trouble, other raw material area - fermentation plant are - semi-finished products Chenhua District - deep processing area - finished area, should be continuous and not too far apart.

4. Selection of process and equipment: The process and equipment is determined by the scale of investment, and also closely related to the production of raw materials. The production process should be considered to facilitate the short-term and quick production of finished products. Communicate with technicians to avoid waste of material and financial resources. We are the fertilizer machine manufacturers for 20 years, our fertilizer manufacturing process is the most reasonable, the layout is the most perfect, our organic fertilizer equipment is patented, energy saving and environmental protection.

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