What are the factors affecting the fermentation effect of organic fertilizer?


There are many kinds of raw materials for organic fertilizer production. In the early stage, organic fertilizer raw materials need fermentation treatment. There are many factors that affect the fermentation effect, among which the following is important.
1. Water content: The water content of aerobic composting materials is generally maintained at 45-65%. If the water content is too large, the oxygen content in the material gap cannot meet the oxygen demand of the microbial bacteria; if the water content is too small, the fluidity of the soluble organic matter becomes poor, and the supply of nutrients to the microorganisms is prevented.
2,organic compost machine: Different organic compost machine and throwing machine has different turning and throwing effect, our organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine is simple to operate and maintain.
3. Oxygen content and temperature: The actual ventilation time of aerobic composting is controlled according to the stack temperature measurement. In the initial stage, it is possible to reduce the number of stacking time, which is conducive to the increase of the stack temperature. When the temperature rises to about 70 degrees Celsius, it should be turned over in time so that the stack temperature does not exceed 70 degrees Celsius. Above 70 degrees Celsius, the microorganisms are in a spore state, and the activity of the microorganisms is almost zero.
4. PH value: During the composting process, the Ph value of the material will change with the fermentation stage, but it has its own ability to regulate. Ph value has no effect on the compost between 5 and 8. Deviation from this range requires adjustment of the material, such as incorporation into the finished compost. The Ph value at the end of composting is almost around 8.5.
5, C / N ratios: the general control is around 25. It is not appropriate to incorporate other materials adjustment.
6, group sizes: control in 15-50mm are appropriate.
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