Main fermentation machine of biofertilizer project


Fermentation process of biofertilizer project
The purpose of fermentation is to reduce the volatile matter and odor in the waste, kill parasite eggs and pathogenic microorganisms, and achieve the purpose of harmless. At the same time, the properties of organic materials become loose and dispersed. Mineralization releases nutrients such as N, P, K, which is convenient for storage and use.

Compost fermentation process generally includes fermentation, turning over, aeration and other links. In the process of compost fermentation, the aerobic fermentation environment is formed in the compost body by means of forced oxygen supply such as turning over the compost and aeration. The supply of oxygen and the degree of heat preservation in the fermentation workshop have a great influence on the temperature rise of compost. According to the changes of compost temperature, water content, oxygen content and other parameters, the process can be controlled in time, so that the compost temperature can rise to 60-70 ℃. The composting cycle is generally 15-20 days. After one cycle of composting, the water content after fermentation is greatly reduced (generally less than 40%)

Main fermentation machine of biofertilizer project
Compost main machine of biofertilizer project
The main organic fertilizer machine of composting plant mainly include: raw material storage and pretreatment machine, fermentation machine, aging machine, finished product storage, packaging machine and deodorization machine.

1. The raw material storage and pre-treatment machine mainly includes: receiving, feeding, crushing, screening, mixing, conveying and other mechanical equipment and related buildings (structures).

2. The fermentation machine mainly includes: the windrow turner with the high temperature aerobic fermentation process and related buildings.

3. The post-treatment processing machine mainly includes: the mechanical equipment and related buildings required for further processing of compost materials after fermentation stability, such as metering, transportation, crushing, screening, mixing, granulation, drying, cooling, packaging, etc.

4. Deodorization machine: it is mainly suitable for closed workshop or composting plant with centralized odor collection device. Biological filter can be used for deodorization.
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