Manure and straw are good partners for organic fertilizer


Manure is the main raw material for the production of organic fertilizer. Some auxiliary raw materials, such as straw, are mixed together and stirred evenly. Artificial or organic fertilizer machines are used for fermentation. The fermented organic fertilizer is rich in nutrients and has long-lasting fertilizer effect. It is a good soil nutrient chosen by the majority of farmers.

Fermentation of manure and straw
The excrement and crop straw (about 10cm) were cut, and a certain proportion of water (50-60% water content) was added. In summer, there was a little more water to prevent nitrogen from ashing. Winter should be less, so as to avoid slow heating due to poor ventilation. After that, the piles will be piled up, with height and width of 1.5-2m respectively, which can meet the width of the windrow turner, with unlimited length, and covered with 4-6cm thick fine soil outside the pile.

The temperature, water content and the permeability of the compost were detected regularly every day. During the fermentation process, due to the role of microorganisms, the content, moisture, temperature, C / N ratio and pH value of organic matter in the pile will change, so it is necessary to detect and adjust them regularly.

In general, the principle of "time to non isothermal, temperature to non isochronous" is followed, that is, the low-temperature stage of the early fermentation should be turned over regularly; in the high-temperature stage of the middle fermentation, when the temperature reaches about 65 ℃, the pile should be turned over in time, so that the temperature of the pile does not exceed 70 ℃.

In the early stage, composting is a kind of aerobic fermentation. In order to loosen ventilation, multiple vent holes can be set in the pile. After 20 days of composting, the pile shall be turned over once. The outer layer shall be turned over to the inner layer through the organic fertilizer machine, and the inner layer shall be turned over to the outer layer. Continue stacking for another 20 days, and conduct the second turning. When the surface layer of compost forms white hairs mainly composed of fungal hyphae, Peugeot compost enters the stage of anaerobic fermentation. At this time, the compost pile should be compacted and sealed with soil to prevent the loss of nitrogen fertilizer, so that it will slowly decay in the later stage.

Enterprises with conditions can choose the industrialized production mode of organic fertilizer and build a complete production line of organic fertilizer particles. The required organic fertilizer machines are: forklift bin, crusher, mixer, granulator, screening machine, packaging machine.

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