Modern organic fertilizer fermentation technology has many advantages


Organic fertilizer fermentation is to utilize some beneficial microorganisms to promote the rapid maturity of various organic wastes such as excrement. The unique continuous tank fermentation technology and advanced organic fertilizer machine are used to make the organic wastes such as animal excrement that affect the environment quickly mature, remove water and deodorize, so as to achieve the purpose of harmless, resource-based and reduction. Compared with other organic fertilizer fermentation technologies, it has the following characteristics and advantages:

(1) Multi function of bacteria
Bacteria, actinomycetes and other microorganisms are selected for fermentation of organic fertilizer, and they are successfully compounded. The bacteria are not antagonistic to each other and mutually symbiotic. They can grow and propagate in different temperature areas, and play their roles in each other, which fundamentally guarantees the fermentation effect. 7-8 days can make the solid organic wastes such as livestock and poultry manure quickly mature, and effectively remove the odor at the same time. The beneficial microorganisms in the organic fertilizer can also secrete a variety of metabolites. After contacting with the plant root system, these substances can stimulate the plant growth, regulate metabolism and improve the comprehensive resistance of the plant.

(2) Advanced technology
On the basis of beneficial microorganisms, the continuous fermentation technology of pond is used to artificially provide the temperature and oxygen required for the fermentation of livestock and poultry excrement, so that all kinds of excrement fermentation can be carried out under the controllable conditions in the pond, which reduces the influence of adverse factors in nature, ensures the production throughout the year, and adapts it to the characteristics of the breeding industry. Adopting the patented technology and fermentation compost windrow turner or multi machine parallel production can be realized according to the user's situation, and the production scale is large.
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