NPK fertilizer granulator with powerful function


NPK fertilizer granulator is a new scientific and technological product developed by many years' experience in compound fertilizer processing equipment design and production. It can also be used for granulation of various organic matters after fermentation, breaking through the conventional granulation process of organic matters. Before granulation, the raw materials need not be dried and crushed, and the spherical particles can be processed directly, which can save a lot of energy.

NPK fertilizer granulator is easy to unload, clean and clean. It has beautiful appearance and can complete high-level automatic production on the production line. It can be said that it is an ideal granulator equipment in the industry.
NPK fertilizer granulator with powerful function
  1. Function description of NPK fertilizer granulator

  2. 1. The ball density and mixing uniformity of NPK fertilizer granulating machine can be controlled in many ranges. The fertilizer granulator machine price is not high, but the function of the equipment is very strong.
  4. 2. The ball size and particle size of NPK fertilizer granulation machine can be controlled.
  6. 3. The discharging and discharging modes of NPK fertilizer granulator can be designed, and the relevant transmission device and discharging device can be configured with various schemes.
  8. 4. NPK fertilizer granulator has a wide range of functions and can be used in many fields, especially in the powder industry.
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