Organic fertilizer equipment alleviates the pollution of cattle and sheep manure.


Organic fertilizer equipment alleviates the pollution of cattle and sheep manure.
As we all know, organic fertilizer equipment mainly relies on animal manure and crop straw to make organic fertilizers. Today we use cow dung as an example to introduce the application of organic fertilizer equipment.
With the rapid development of the cattle industry, the problem of environmental pollution caused by concentrated discharge of cattle manure and the comprehensive utilization of cow manure has become increasingly prominent. In 2017, the daily excretion of cow dung in the country is as high as 200,000 to 300,000 tons, especially in large-scale dairy farms. Due to the lack of effective treatment methods, the pollution caused by the accumulation of a large amount of cow dung is becoming more and more serious, which is worrying. The pollution caused by cow dung is multi-faceted, mainly manifested by soil pollution, water pollution, and atmospheric pollution. Not only that, but while causing pollution, the large pile of cow manure also occupies the limited production area of ​​the cattle farm, which affects the normal production order of the cattle farm. If the dairy farm sells cow dung directly to nearby farmers, the price is low and it is mainly concentrated in the spring farming season. Most of the other time, there is little or no interest. Many cattle farms are very troublesome about the treatment and disposal of cow dung. Especially for large-scale new dairy farms, the environmental protection requirements are high, and the problem of cow dung is more prominent. It is urgent to find a suitable solution. Program. In fact, cow dung itself is a good source of organic fertilizer. In addition to a large amount of organic matter and essential nutrients such as NPK and other trace elements, it also contains various biological enzymes and microorganisms.
After the cow manure is made into fertilizer, it can play an irreplaceable role of fertilizer, which is beneficial to improve the organic matter and fertility of the soil, improve the soil structure, and improve the soil physical and chemical environment and the microbial environment.
Sheep manure organic fertilizer production needs Compost Turning Machine, organic fertilizer granulator, fertilizer mixer and so on. We have a complete set of organic fertilizer production equipment, recommended organic fertilizer production linebio organic fertilizer disc granulation production line.
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