Production process of sheep manure fermentation


Production process of sheep manure fermentation
Sheep manure can be used for organic fertilizer production and bio organic fertilizer production, which is a good raw material of organic fertilizer.

(a) the sheep manure and the right amount of straw powder, admixture depends on the water content of sheep manure, general fermentation requirements of 45% water content, that is, the hand into a ball, fingers seam water, but not dripping, let go of a solution is scattered.

(ii) then, apply the bio-compound bacteria to the pile of materials and mix them with fermentation according to the proportion of 1 ton of materials (1.5 tons of fresh materials) and 3 kilograms of bio-compound bacteria stock solution, and evenly spray the bacteria solution and water at 1:300 ratio after dilution. Add appropriate amount of corn flour to provide sugar for the fermentation of the bacteria, so that multidimensional complex enzyme bacteria will be dominant soon.

(3) add the mixture to the blender and stir, stir evenly, thoroughly, leaving no lumps.

(iv) the stirred ingredients shall be piled into a strip between 2.0-3.0 meters wide and 1.5-2.0 meters high (the fermentation effect is better when the length is more than 3 meters), which shall be flipped and tossed by a tossing machine every 3 days.

(5) three days heating, five days odorless, nine days loose, 12 days fragrant, 15 days fertilizer.

1. On the third day of stacking, the temperature can reach 60℃-80℃, killing diseases and insect pests such as e. coli and insect eggs;
2. The odor of sheep manure was eliminated on the fifth day;
3. On day 9, the compost became loose, dry and covered with white mycelium;
4. On the 12th day, a bouquet of koji was released;
5. On the 15th day, the fungus fertilizer is fermented and mature. The whole fermentation process is completed in 7-15 days.

Finished product organic fertilizer for the fluffy, dark brown, slightly or earthy wine fragrance, rich nutrition, used for fruits and vegetables, economic crops, nursery stock flowers, nutritional soil values of several times three, production techniques, slightly dry mill grinding of half wet material is available, the organic fertilizer granulator granulation, drying dehydration after the dryer, then by sieving machine screening, finished product organic fertilizer is ready, you can install package storage.

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