How do organic fertilizer production lines produce dry fertilizers?


Drying is a very important and indispensable part of the production process of organic fertilizer production line. The processing of raw materials has an important influence on the production of organic fertilizer. Below, organic fertilizer production line manufacturers introduce three methods of material drying:

1, mechanical dehydration method: mechanical dehydration method is through the way of pressurizing the material, one part of the water out.

Commonly used are pressing, settling, filtration, centrifugal separation and other methods.

The mechanical dehydration method can only remove part of the free water in the material, combined with the water still remains in the material, so the moisture content of the material after mechanical dehydration is still very high, generally 40 ~ 60%.

But mechanical dewatering is the most economical method.

2, heat drying method: that is, we often say drying, it USES heat energy to heat materials, gasification of water in materials.

The removal of moisture from the material requires the consumption of a certain amount of heat.

Usually, air is used to dry materials. Air is heated and sent to the dryer in advance to transfer heat to the material, vaporize the moisture in the material, form water vapor, and take it out of the dryer with air.

After the material is heated and dried, the combined moisture in the material can be removed to reach the moisture content required by the product or raw material.

3. Chemical dehumidification: dehumidifier is used to remove a small amount of water in gas, liquid and solid materials. Due to the limited dehumidification capacity of the dehumidifier, it is only used to remove trace water in materials.

Therefore, there are few applications in production.

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