Performance characteristics of npk fertilizer production by drum granulator


 The drum granulator process adds the raw materials mixed evenly according to the formula into the drum granulator quantitatively, and at the same time injects steam to complete the chemical reaction in the continuous rotation of the drum. The drum npk fertilizer granulator can also be applied to the compound fertilizer cold water granulation with supplementary water humidification. It is a relatively advanced compound fertilizer granulation equipment at present.

The main characteristics of drum granulator: the steam drum granulator has large output elasticity, and the drum npk fertilizer granulator is of cylindrical type with good heat preservation effect. Steam can be used to increase the material temperature during granulation to meet the liquid phase required for granulation, which can greatly reduce the water content of materials during granulation, reduce the load of dryer and increase the output of the whole machine.
Performance characteristics of npk fertilizer production by drum granulator
The shell of the drum granulator is made of thickened carbon steel, and the supporting equipment includes tugboat parts, tugboats, transmission parts, wind head, wind tail, etc. The whole machine is solid and durable, not easy to deform. The base design of the drum granulator is stable, the operation is more stable, and the energy consumption is saved, which meets the requirements of environmental protection. Drum granulator can be customized to produce different specifications of the same type of equipment according to user requirements.The fertilizer granulator machine price varies according to specifications and types.

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