Process of mushroom slag fermentation


Mushroom slag is a good raw material for organic fertilizer manufacturing process. However, the mushroom slag needs to be fermented before it can be used.
1, 1 to 1.5 tons of finished organic materials (fresh material about 2.5 to 3.5 tons) plus 1kg fermentation agent, mixed fermentation can be. However, carbon / nitrogen (i.e. C/N) higher, more difficult to ferment bark, sawdust, rice shell and other materials, should be appropriatetoincrease the amount of 2kg of fermentation bacteria per ton of materials, fermentation agent is best diluted. 
2, fermentation bacteria agent is good (consume) oxygen microorganisms, so should increase oxygen supply measures, so that diligent (can use organic fertilizer diamantine equipment for a full range of flip-top, so that the material for full aerobic fermentation), mixing is appropriate. Failure to do so will lead to anaerobic fermentation, affecting the effect.
Process of mushroom slag fermentation
3, the c/N of fermented materials (calculation and adjustment methods are otherwise explained) from 25 to 30:1, pH adjustment to 6 to 8 is good. 
4, moisture of fermented materials should be controlled at 60 to 65%. Judge method: hand grasp kingly a piece of material, finger seam see watermark but not drip, landing is scattered. Too high is not conducive to fermentation, too little water, slow fermentation;
5, fermentation days: feces 4 to 7 days, carbon nitrogen is relatively high bark, sawdust and so on 7 to 20 days. In the process of fermentation, organic compost machine is usually used. 
6, after fermentation is completed, the material can be grain-making and other deep processing process.
In the process of fertilizer granulation, we can choose the fertilizer granulator machine is: disc granulator, organic fertilizer granulator, drum granulator. These fertilizer granulator machine we all have the patent certificate, also has sold to the world each place.
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