Techniques for the application of organic fertilizer


Organic fertilizer raw materials are wide, different raw materials processing organic fertilizer nutrients are very different, different raw materials choose organic fertilizer manufacturing process is also very different, different fertilizer sitins in different soil responses. Therefore, the fertilization should be based on fertilizer characteristics, take appropriate measures to improve the crop fertilizer utilization rate. 
All kinds of organic fertilizer with the best performance of amino acid fertilizer, not only rich in organic matter, but also rich in nutrients, to improve the quality of crops, is the ideal fertilizer for watermelon, flowers and other crops.Because of its higher nutrient stake, can do the bottom fertilizer, can also do fertilizer, as far as possible to use cave application, trench application, each use is less. 
The organic content of the organic fertilizer of the bar type is high, and the organic fertilizer of this kind is obvious in increasing the organic matter content of the soil. Straw in the soil decomposition is slow, straw-type organic fertilizer is suitable for bottom fertilizer, fertilizer use can be increased. However, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium nutrient content is relatively low, microorganisms to break down straw also need to consume nitrogen, pay attention to straw organic fertilizer and nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer. 
techniques for the application of organic-fertilizer
The organic content of organic fertilizer of animal and poultry manure is medium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrient content is rich, because of its wide range of sources, the use is relatively large. However, due to the different processing conditions, the organic matter of the finished fertilizer and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium nutrient differences, the purchase of this type of organic fertilizer should pay attention to its quality of the distinction. To pure livestock and poultry manure factory rapid decay processing of organic fertilizer, its nutrient content is high, should be less application, concentrated use, generally do the bottom fertilizer use, can also do fertilizer. Contains a large number of impurities, take natural pile-corrosion processing of organic fertilizer, organic matter and nutrient content are low, should be used as bottom fertilizer, the amount can be increased. In addition, animal and poultry manure organic fertilizer must be sterilized, otherwise it is easy to give crops and human, animal diseases. The process of sterilization is the process of composting, which can be used with the help of organic composting machines
Green fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer crop planted by artificial cultivation, and the organic matter and nutrient content are abundant. But planting, turning over the green fertilizer must pay attention to the arrangement of the mouth, do not affect the growth of the main crops. Green fertilizer generally has the ability to fix nitrogen, should pay attention to the supplementation of potassium phosphate fertilizer. 
The organic matter and nutrient content of waste organic fertilizer are affected by raw materials, very unstable, each batch of fertilizer organic matter and nutrient content is not the same, the general content is not high, suitable for the use of base fertilizer. Due to the complex composition of garbage, sometimes contains a large number of people and crops extremely harmful substances, such as heavy metals, radioactive substances, etc. , the use of waste fertilizer to process fertilizer waste sources to be clear, containing harmful substances of waste fertilizer is strictly prohibited on vegetables and food crops, can be used for artificial green space and green trees. Fertilizer manufacturing process will be based on the different raw materials, there are great differences.
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