Production process of bio organic fertilizer production line


Production process of bio organic fertilizer production line

1. Primary fermentation

The recovered livestock and poultry feces are directly put into the fermentation area. After a fermentation, eliminate the stink of animal manure. In this stage, the fermentation bacteria can be added to decompose the crude fiber, so that the particle size after crushing can meet the particle size requirements of the fertilizer granulator.

2. Secondary fermentation

The organic fertilizer will be piled up and fermented for a second time, and the temperature will be reduced to 40 ℃ for 15-20 days. The bacteria agent with the functions of phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen fixation and underground pest control will be evenly added to the fermented organic fertilizer in the proportion of 1:500.

3. Add functional bacteria and stir evenly

The standard of bio organic fertilizer can be reached after adding functional bacterial agent and fermented organic fertilizer to organic fertilizer stack and ferment for 7 days.

4. Screening processing

The fermented bio organic fertilizer was screened and put into storage.

5. Granulation

The processed functional pure bio organic fertilizer is granulated. According to different raw materials, choose different fertilizer granulators, such as disc granulator, double roller granulator, agitator granulator, etc.

6. Drying, cooling and packaging

The moisture content of the newly manufactured particles is relatively large, so it is necessary to dry the moisture to below 20% of the organic fertilizer standard. When choosing the dryer, the bio organic fertilizer needs to choose a low temperature (the temperature is lower than 80 ℃), and the dried particle organic fertilizer is directly packaged after being cooled by the cooler.
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