Pelletizing principle and moisture requirement of double roller granulator


The double roller granulator is more and more popular in our life and work, but many people have limited understanding of the extruder granulator, do not know that many factors will affect the results of double roller granulation. What is the principle and moisture requirement of the double roller granulation mechanism? How much do you know about this? Today, the editor of Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Ltd popularized relevant knowledge to you on this issue, hoping to help you.

Pelletizing principle and moisture requirement of double roller granulator
Principle and moisture requirement of double roller granulator: the working principle of the extruder is mainly dry powder. When the fragile material is extruded, some particles are crushed and the fine powder fills the space between the particles.

The process of the double roller granulator is that the material is forced to be sent to the bottom between the two rollers for extrusion, and the two rollers rotate relative to each other, so that the delivered material becomes pie shape, the pie shape strip enters the granulator and is broken by the rotating knife row, and the broken material enters the fertilizer granulator through the rolling knife row, so that the particles and some powder materials enter the rotary vibrating screen for screening. Qualified particles are sent to the outside through. The screened powder material is sent back to the raw material bin for secondary rolling, and the extrusion pressure can be controlled by the hydraulic system according to the needs of granulation.

Double roller granulation requires low moisture content. If the moisture content is too high, a drying system should be added to the processing process.
The main way to avoid agglomeration is to use drying system, pre-treatment of materials, adding elements and other means to achieve the processing and non-destructive preservation of organic fertilizer particles. 
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