Selection of fermentation agent suitable for fertilizer production line


In the process of processing and manufacturing organic fertilizer with straw and livestock manure as raw materials, in order to ensure a better fermentation effect, some fermentation agents should be added to the fertilizer production line. Which of them are suitable for fertilizer production line?

1. There are two main types of fermentation in fertilizer production line, aerobic fermentation and anaerobic fermentation. Compared with the two, the former has much better fermentation intensity and thoroughness than the latter, and the latter is mostly carried out under some specific airtight conditions. Because of the relatively loose requirements of the former, the aerobic fermentation agent is often used in the actual processing process.

Selection of fermentation agent suitable for fertilizer production line
2. There is also a compound leavening agent. It is mainly a powerful fermentation agent composed of a series of complex microbial communities. It has the characteristics of fast fermentation, high number of bacteria, strong performance, wide use, easy operation, low cost, less miscellaneous bacteria and so on. Unlike other single functional bacteria, it has limited functions.

Note: in the fertilizer production line, the more the fermentation agent is used, the better the effect is not, and the longer the fermentation time is, the better the effect is. The operator should set the corresponding time according to the specific auxiliary bacteria agent used, so as to improve the treatment effect and quality as much as possible.
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