Teach you how to identify organic fertilizer methods


Organic fertilizer is very popular on the market, but there are many fake and inferior products with the brand of organic fertilizer or high-efficiency organic biomass Bio-bacterial fertilizer. Today, I will briefly introduce how to distinguish organic matter for you.
1. Soaking method
Take a cup, soak the organic fertilizer sample in water, then crush the organic fertilizer soaked in water with your hand, stir it to see the organic fertilizer raw materials intuitively; and then place it for a period of time, if organic fertilizer and water are stratified in a short time, it shows that organic fertilizer is more important and contains more soil.
2. Smell method
Smell the taste of fertilizer carefully to see if there is ammonia, feces, silt, good organic fertilizer should be a thorough rotten taste.
3. Hand twisting
Organic fertilizer is crushed back and forth with thumb and forefinger. If there is a feeling of hand-slashing, there are sand grains or other impurities in it.
4. Bacterial strain testing method
Take a cup of water and put organic fertilizer in it, sprinkle a little water (don't soak in water, wet on the line), put it in a warm and suitable place, good organic fertilizer will grow white mycelia, break apart the organic fertilizer particles and see that there are white mycelia inside.
5. Pot test method
Take a pot of flowers, grab a large amount of organic fertilizer and sprinkle it directly on the root and stem of the flower, water it, good organic fertilizer will gradually grow white mycelia, promote plant growth, unqualified organic fertilizer will smoke seedlings, plant will gradually decline until death.
6. Contrast test method
After choosing organic fertilizer, when planting crops, set aside a part of the organic fertilizer, observe the performance of the plant, good organic fertilizer will have obvious effects on growth, yield and quality.
7. See if the packaging is specifications and authorized production.
Generally authorized production is without its own factory, no source of raw materials. 
High-quality raw materials and supplementary materials are the first elements of high-quality fertilizers. Product component design is very important. Fertilizer granulation is a technology, and organic fertilizer maturation is also a technology. Excellent quality of organic fertilizer should be guaranteed by standard organic fertilizer process. Due to the different raw materials, production environment and fertilizer functions, the general and crude dump method can not control the quality requirements. It is necessary for the development and profit of organic fertilizer production enterprises to master organic fertilizer composition formula, organic fertilizer decomposition process, equipment for process adaptation and employee team. Good fertilizer is exchanged by good raw material sources, good component design, good organic fertilizer production equipment, good process and good technical team. The company specializes in producing a complete set of production lines of various types of organic fertilizer equipment, organic fertilizer production line, organic fertilizer granulator, organic fertilizer crusher, drying cooler, coating machine, automatic packaging machine, organic fertilizer dump machine, organic fertilizer fermentation tank, dewatering of livestock and poultry manure and other equipment.
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