Technological process performance and installation and debugging of double roller granulator


Working principle of the double roller granulator: the material sent by the conveyor driven by the motor is broken by the cutting system, and then the powder material is evenly added into the strip shaking, and then enters into the roll mouth after forced degassing and pre pressing. According to the specification requirements of the particles, with the rotation of the roll, it gradually reaches the shape. Then complete the automatic demoulding process.

General production process:
Feeding, crushing, mixing, buffering, feeding, granulating, crushing, screening, shaping, packaging and finished products
Technological process performance and installation and debugging of double roller granulator

Installation and commissioning:
  1. 1. The fertilizer granulator must be placed horizontally and fixed;
  2. 2. There must be enough maintenance and normal operation around the equipment;
  3. 3 before starting the machine, check the oil level of the reducer and the oil points of each transmission part, and add lubricating grease to each oil injection point (add No. 0 gear oil or No. 30 mechanical oil to the reducer, drip mechanical oil to the gears, chains and sprockets, and add calcium based lubricating grease to other transmission parts);
  4. 4. Check whether the electrical appliance and power supply wiring meet the requirements, whether all fasteners of the equipment are well connected, and it is difficult to start when the voltage is lower than 360 V;
  5. 5. Check the source between the two rollers. Generally, before leaving the factory, the gap between the two rollers is 1-1.5mm (the gap between the production of organic fertilizer is 0.5-1);
  6. 6 check the up and down, left and right alignment of the holes between the two roller dies;
  7. 7. Check whether the rotation direction of all transmission parts is correct;
  8. 8. The operator must have certain basic mechanical knowledge and operation knowledge, and shall be trained before taking the post;
  9. 9. The fertilizer granulator shall be grounded to prevent electric shock; 
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