Technology and characteristics of disc organic fertilizer granulator


Principle of disc granulator for organic fertilizer: almost all organic materials can be pelletized by disc method. After drying and micro grinding, the material is mixed with appropriate amount of chemical fertilizer and sent to the disc organic fertilizer granulator machine. The mixture was sprayed and adhered by a humidifier and wrapped with a disc, then dried and filtered. The characteristics of this process are: the material requirements are not high, but the process is cumbersome after drying; spherical particles, low granulation rate, poor appearance; medium production capacity, less power than the same period.
Technology and characteristics of disc organic fertilizer granulator

Characteristics of disc organic fertilizer granulator:

1. The structure of the disc organic fertilizer granulator machine is novel and reasonable, the weight is reduced and the height is reduced. The process layout is flexible and convenient, which is suitable for the transformation of old plants.

2. The tilt angle of the large plate can be adjusted. Angle gasket is used to adjust flexibly and conveniently.

3. The unpowered combined scraper is integrated to reduce the auxiliary power consumption. 

4. The large plate is composed of disc body and disc segment. Reduce the power of main motor. The disc segment can be adjusted up and down along the disc body. The end of disc segment is a side flange, which can ensure that the material ball will not be damaged and torn when it comes out of the plate.

5. The new desilting design, with unpowered combined scraper for edge cleaning and bottom cleaning, angle cleaning scraper winding angle, combined with disc body treatment technology, has good desilting and ball forming effect, no large mud ball, and 90% of the ball diameter is 3-5mm. 

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