The configuration of the organic fertilizer production line is all here


The organic fertilizer production line has three configurations: high, medium and low. Large fertilizer plants need to use a complete set of organic fertilizer machine. The appearance and nutrient content of the finished products can meet the market requirements. It has a greater advantage in the promotion of the finished organic fertilizer. The medium and low configuration organic fertilizer production line is suitable for small and medium-sized fertilizer plants. The sales scope of the finished organic fertilizer is limited to the nearby areas, and some processes in the organic fertilizer production process need to be completed manually.

The fermentation system of organic fertilizer production line is composed of feed conveyor, biological deodorizer, mobile windrow turner, trough compost turning machine and electric automatic control system;
The configuration of the organic fertilizer production line is all here

The main equipment of drying and cooling system includes rotary dryer, cooler, induced draft fan, hot blast furnace, etc;

Deodorization and dedusting system is composed of settling chamber, dedusting chamber, etc. drawings are provided free of charge and users are guided to build the system free of charge;

The crusher includes new semi wet material crusher, chain crusher, cage crusher, straw crusher, etc;

The batching system includes electronic batching system, 6-8 raw materials can be configured at a time, etc;

The mixer is composed of optional horizontal mixer, vertical disc mixer, double shaft mixer, BB fertilizer mixer, etc;
The configuration of the organic fertilizer production line is all here

The granulation equipment, the granulator can be selected as follows: double roller press granulator, disc granulator, flat die pelletizer, spherical organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum granulator, ring die pelletizer, etc;

The screening machine is mainly completed by the drum screening machine, which can be equipped with a screening machine and a secondary screening machine, so that the yield is higher and the particles are better;

The finished product packaging system generally includes electronic quantitative packaging scale, bin, automatic sewing machine, etc. In this way, the organic fertilizer production line can be fully automatic and non-stop production. 
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