The difference between disc granulator and drum granulator in production


The basic principles of the two kinds of granulation are the same. A certain amount of water or steam is added into the drum granulator or disc granulator to form a proper proportion of solid and liquid phase. Under the action of the equipment, the solid-liquid phase materials can form particles with a certain size through rolling and coating.

The difference in fertilizer production between the two is as follows:

1. If the production of high concentration compound npk fertilizer, because the drum granulator is easier to add steam, which can reduce the production process difficulty, so the output is high.

2. If low concentration compound npk fertilizer is produced, because of high pelletizing rate and convenient operation, the output of disc granulator may be high;

The difference between disc granulator and drum granulator in production
3. If the organic fertilizer is produced, if the material is sticky, the production will be higher by using disc granulation, but the difference is not very big;

4. The most economical method of organic fertilizer granulation is to use extrusion organic fertilizer granulator machine. And the material requirements are relatively much lower;

If it's organic fertilizer, it can be granulated on the drum granulator. As long as the workers have no problem in operation, the disc will be able to granulation.

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