The direct application of pig manure in fertilization is harmful.


Pig manure is a good thing, but it will backfire if it is not used. Unfermented pig manure contains coliform bacteria, nematodes, insect eggs and various pathogens. When uric acid comes into contact with crops, it will inhibit the growth of crops. If used in the land, when the temperature rises, the temperature is suitable. When fermentation conditions are reached, pig manure will ferment automatically, thus producing a certain degree of heat. When the temperature is too high, it can burn down the root system of crops. As organic fertilizer, pig manure itself has the effect of enhancing soil fertility, but now pig farmers feed pigs with too many trace elements and drugs, resulting in more residues in pig manure, direct use will cause soil relative reaction. 
If you want to build a pig manure organic fertilizer production line, you should ferment pig manure beforehand. Pig manure is fermented by organic fertilizer equipment. Pig manure is in full contact with oxygen, which can increase the reproduction and decomposition of aerobic bacteria, decompose organic matter into forms that can be absorbed by crops, and improve the utilization of fertilizer.
Fermented pig manure is a good organic fertilizer, which can enhance the biology of the soil, increase the activity and nutrient of soil enzymes, and is beneficial to the conservation of soil moisture, improve soil quality and ensure the sustainable use of the soil.
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