The disc granulator for wet granulation is widely used


The disc granulator is suitable for granulating round fertilizer granules of compound fertilizer or organic fertilizer, which is convenient for transportation and storage. In order to produce fertilizer granules with balanced nutrition, a proper granulator is your ideal choice. We are a professional fertilizer factory and will provide you with practical guidance on fertilizer granulation.
organic fertilizer granulator machine
Some customers have seen the process of organic fertilizer processing and want to process feed pellets, but they don't know whether the disc pelletizer is suitable. The answer is: yes. Because the characteristics of feed ingredients and organic fertilizer ingredients are basically similar, this equipment is wet granulation, which has a wide range of applicable raw materials. When we use the disc granulator for processing, sometimes the particles are larger and sometimes smaller. The way to solve this problem is to adjust the moisture of the material.

When purchasing an organic fertilizer granulator machine, customers must choose a manufacturer with a certain technical strength and perfect after-sales service. Nowadays, there are many companies producing organic fertilizer granulators in the country, and some companies have no technology at all, and they are completely imitated by other manufacturers. During production, the quality of the organic fertilizer granulator machine manufactured is not up to standard, and some of them cannot be used normally.
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