The difference of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer


The organic fertilizer machine different from compost fertilizer.The machine of producing organic fertilizer and the  compound ,the raw material what they use,the usage of them all have dome diffrences.We are professional producing machine of making the fertilizer granulator.And we always design some new machine to apply more raw material. We should choose the suitable machine to produce the high quality fertilizer granulator.Before we know the machine,we need to know the difference between organic fertilizer and compost fertilizer.
About Organic fertilizer
Organic fertilizer is a kind of caron-containing material,whose main function is to provide plants with nutrients that are in short  supply.It is mainly derived from the processing of living waster from the remains of animals and plants,leaving abundant organic acids,peptides,nitrogen,phophorus,potassium and other nutrients after thr elimination of harmful substances.On the one hand,fertilizer effect for a long time can provide comprehensive nutrition,can improve and renew the organic matter in the soi.O n the other hand,it can promote the microbial reproduction,increase the soil physical and chemical activity,room production of green as one of the main fertilizers
.2,Machines of producing Organic fertilizer
The production of producing organic fertillizer always have these machine:Flat die granulator,new type organic fertilizer granulator,Disc granulator,Ring die granulator etc.
1,Flat die granulator
The flat die granulator machine uses the straight guide transmission form,which makes the roller self-roating under the action of friction force.The powder material is exturded from the hole of the mould press by the roller,and the cylindrical pellets come out through the disc(the cyclindrical pellets length can be controlled by the cutter.Meanwhile,the cyclindrial pellets cn be polishing into round shape granules).The Flat die granulator is mainly used in the production of bio organic fertilizer pellet making and the processing of feed pellets in breeding inndustry.Has the characteristics of less powwer consumption,no vibration,large output and low noise.It can be widely used in fertilizer,feed,aquaculture and other felds.

Ring die granulator
The organic fertilizer ring die granulator machine is one of the main Organic fertilizer production equipment produced by our company.On the basis of all kinds of granulating machines in China and abroad,our engineer through repeated research,improvement and meticulous manufacture,the machine adopts gear belt drive to get higher production efficiency,and the output is at least 15% higher than the traditional granulation machine.It is mainly used in Organic fertilizer,compound fertilizer and feeding process industry.The surface of the finished product is smooth,the hardness is moderate,the temperature rises in processing is low and can keep the nutrients insides the raw material.At the same time,the machine has excellent design technology and simple operation and maintence.It is an ideal equipment for fertilizer enterprises.

Disc granulator
This series of disc granulator machine is a new type of incline disc granulator equpment:the granulating rate is up to 80%.The reducer and motor adopt flexible belt drive to start smoothly,slow down the impact force and improve the service life of the equipment.The bottom of the granulation disc is reinforced with multiple radiant steel plates,which is sturdy and durable;the thicked,weighted and surdy base design does not require anchor bolts for fixed and working smoothly.The main gear of granulator uses high frequency fire,the service life is twice than before.The inside of granulation disc is durable after corrosion treatment.The machine has the advantages of uniform granulation,high granulation rate ,products looks beautiful,size and diameter can be controlled,stable operationlong severice life and so on.It is widely used in organic fertilizer factory,compound fertilizer factory and sludge garbage processing.Mine ,chemical and feed industry and other fileds.

2,The classify
Firstly,Agricultural waste:straw,soybean meal ,cotton meal etc.Secondly,Livestock manure:chicken manure,cattle,sheep,horse manure,rabbit manure etc.Thridly:Industrial waste:wine tank,vinegar tank,cassava residue,sugar residue etc.Fourthly,Houshpld garbage:kitchen garbage;Fifty,City sludge:river sludge,sewage sludge.
About COmpound fertilizer
Compound fertilizer refers to compound fertilizer.It refers to the room bait made  by chemical method and at least two of the three nutrients of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium exist.The advantage of compound fertilizer are more nutrients,less byproducts and better physical properties.However,the fixed nutrients proportion is a major shorrtcoming of compound fertilizers,which cannot meet the diversity of types,amounts and proportions of nutrients required by different soils and crops.In order to improve the application effect ,the soil can be measured for improvement,and the soil quality and nutrients cn be tested.
About the machines can be applied to use to produce the organic  fertilizer also be applied to produce the compound fertilizer.For example,rotary drum granulator,disc granulator etc.
Besides,we also recommend some related fertilizer production line:NPK fertilizer production line,Organic fertlizer production line,compound fertilizer production line.
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