Production technology of livestock and poultry manure bio-organic fertilizer


We are know the livestock and poultry excrement contains rich crude protein,crude fat.crude fiber,minerals and calcium,phosphorus,potassium nitrogen and other nutrients.It is the production of cheap quality organic fertilizer of the main raw materials.The use of livestock manure to produce bio-organic fertilizer was a great revolution in China's agriculture production technology.Our company is professional making fertilizer machines.Our company supply high quality machines and the complete fertilizer line to produce organic fertilizer granulator.Using the fertilizer machine to produce fertilizer granulator can promopt the efficiency of the labor working and reduce the cost of labor.Take chicken manure as an example below,introduce a few technology that make biological organic fertilizer.
Different from traditional compost of livestock manure,bio-organic manure has some special functions.
1.Fertilizer and diease resistance:biological organic fertilizer contains a large number of nitrogenfixing bacteria,potassium bacteria,phosphorus bacteria,yeast and other functional bacteria can fix nitrogen,potassium,phosphorus,crude protein decomposition.Their rapid reproduction will inhabit the survival and reproduction of harmful microorganisms,stimulate crop growth,improve crop disease resistance.
2.Improve the quality of agricultural products:bio-organic fertilizer has comprehensive nutrients and a variety of biological activities,which can significantly improve the quality of agricultural products after use.It can be used in the production of organic food and organic agricultural products and they can improve the competitiveness of agricultural products in the market.
3.Soil fertility:bioorganic fertilizer contain a large number of beneficial microorganisms,which can loosen soil,enhance soil air peermeability,improve soil aggreate structure,improve water and fertilizer retention and improve soil fertility
Producing fertilizer have two ways: one is the natural fermentiation,and one is using the fertilizer machine to produce.And use the machine can greatly improve the production.The complete organic fertilizer line including different  machines in detail.Take the new type organic fertilizer as an example:

1,Horizontal mixer
Powder mixing machine,as known an manure mixer is used for mixing the manure with other element.This procetheis very important to fertilizer making,it can mixes the manure into the proper size which is easy for granulating.

2,New type organic fertilizer granulator
The organic content can be high to 100%,make pure organic granulate.Organic material particles can grow up under a certain force,no need to add binder when granulating.

3,Electric heating hot air furnace
Heating without pollution,and can satisfied with the application area which has requirments for cleaning,fire prevention and explosion-proof
4,Drum fertilizer dryer
Rotary drum dryer is mainly used to produce compound fertilizer and dry a certain temperature and granularity of fertilizer.On the other hand,it also can be used for drying other materials.
5,Rotary dryer draught fan
Air fan is widely used in wood and feed pellet plant,under the environment of high heat and humidity,the stability,reliablity and maintenance convenient of fan is very imporant.
6,Drum fertilizer cooler
Rotary drum cooler fertilizer used for the production of compound fertilizer,cool fertilizer with certain temperature and particle size.Use dryer together can greatly improve the quality,further remove moisture,reduce the grain temperature of fertilizer.
7,Packing machine
Feeding speed adjustable:Powder material feeding through screw feeder,could automatic control fast feeding and slow feeding,feeding speed can be set any time. 
8,Chain crusher
Chain crusher is applied to the shattering of the block in the production of organic fertilizer.Also,it is widely used in chemical industry,building materials,mining and other industries.
Besides the organic fertilizer production line,we also supply other fertilizer production line.
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