Trough type fermentation compost turning machine


The fermentation compost turning machine is one of the most commonly used organic fertilizer machine in the mechanized production of organic fertilizer. Aerobic fermentation is one of the most widely used fermentation methods in the production of organic fertilizer. The trough type turnover operation is adopted by the turnover throwing machine of aerobic fermentation, with high mechanization degree and high efficiency and continuous turnover throwing operation, which can significantly improve the ventilation and oxygen supply of the material pile in the fermentation trough, so as to speed up the fermentation of organic waste materials and remove water, with the functions of crushing, stirring, turnover throwing and stacking.
Applicable scope of the trough type compost turning machine:
Trough type fermentation compost turning machine
The trough type compost turning machine is used for the fermentation of organic wastes such as organic fertilizer, animal manure, sludge waste, filter mud of sugar factory, dregs, cake and straw sawdust. It is widely used in the fermentation of organic fertilizer factory, compound fertilizer factory, sludge waste factory, horticultural field and Agaricus bisporus planting factory, etc.

The windrow turner is suitable for aerobic fermentation and can be used in combination with solar fermentation room, fermentation trough and transfer machine. It can realize the function of one machine with multiple slots when used together with the transfer machine. The fermentation trough matched with it can discharge materials continuously or in batches. High efficiency, stable operation, strong and durable, even turning and throwing.

The production of organic fertilizer in fermentation trough mode is a composting process that puts materials in the fermentation trough and tosses, stirs and breaks them through the trough type composting machine, so as to ferment, ripen and degrade the materials. It is easier to obtain stable product properties than static composting, and has better odor control effect. The overall automation level can be higher, saving land occupation
Trough type fermentation compost turning machine
Fermentation trough is to build two walls on the flat ground to form one or several fermentation troughs. The trough compost machine works on the fermentation trough, usually driven by motor. Due to the high-speed rotation of the drum of the trough type tilter, the blades on the drum break and mix the fermented materials in the fermentation trough, and the materials are tilted backward by the drum and stacked loosely. Through the electric drive device, the tipping machine can realize the automatic lifting and rotation of the drum. The compost machine can move from one fermentation trough to another by moving the crane, and multiple fermentation troughs can use one trough dumper. The equipment can be used under the environment temperature of - 20 ℃ - 50 ℃. It also has a strong adaptability to the characteristics of fermentation materials. According to the particularity of fermentation materials, the equipment is made of corrosion-resistant materials, and the technology is durable.

Notes on the use of fermentation tossing machine
The application effect of organic waste fermentation composting machine depends not only on the technical status of the composting machine, but also on the scientific and skilled use skills. Specifically, we should do the following:
  • 1. Check the oil level of the reducer before use to avoid dry grinding between the gear and the gear caused by no oil, reducing the service life of the reducer and reducing the abnormal noise during use.
  • 2. Before turning and throwing, start the power of turning and throwing to make the teeth of turning and throwing rotate. When the rotation is stable, turn on the traveling motor of the turning and throwing machine to make it move forward slowly and enter the material pile to turn up and down the materials. Pay attention not to stop the tipping motor when the tipping machine is working and the tipping teeth are embedded in the material pile, so that the tipping machine stops in the material pile. When the fermentation tipping machine stops in the material pile and starts again, the motor load is too large, which is easy to damage the motor and affect its service life.
  • 3. The upper plane of the two walls of the fermentation tank where the aerobic fermentation tipping machine is running must be parallel to the ground to avoid that a large area of materials cannot be turned over due to too high from the ground, or because the height is too low, the tipping teeth will touch the ground, and the two walls shall be parallel to avoid the tipping machine falling off the road.
  • 4. The two ends of the two walls of the fermentation tank must be equipped with limit values to avoid the composting machine walking beyond the wall. 
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