What are the advantages and characteristics of disc granulation equipment?


The disc organic fertilizer granulator machine can be used for the material with uniform powder and good viscosity. The material is transported to the rotating disc of the granulator, and the appropriate amount of water is sprinkled on the material. Through the centrifugal force of the disc and the friction force in the rotation of the material, plus the gear rotation structure, the material can be kneaded and squeezed continuously, which can form granules quickly. At the same time, because of the centrifugal force, the particles formed are also very uniform.
What are the advantages and characteristics of disc granulation equipment?
The advantages and characteristics of disc organic fertilizer granulator machine are as follows

1. This kind of disc granulation production equipment belongs to a kind of disc granulation equipment, and the most important one is the pelletizing plate. The circular arc structure is used in the corner of the pelletizing plate, and the granulation rate of the disc granulation production equipment is as high as 95%.

2. There are many discharge ports on the whole pelletizing plate, and it is very flexible and convenient in the process of production operation, which is convenient for intermittent production. This not only facilitates us to observe the production situation at any time, but also reduces the labor intensity in the production, and improves the production efficiency.

3. The overall structure of the disc organic fertilizer granulator machine is made of high-quality steel plate, which is also used to support the pelletizing plate with multiple steel plates, which strengthens the stability of the disc granulation equipment.

4. The size of fertilizer particles produced by disc granulation production equipment is relatively uniform, and the operation of the equipment is relatively stable.

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