What are the common ways of fertilizer granulation in the market?


There are many kinds of fertilizer formula and various raw materials emerge in endlessly, but there is always one point that fertilizer should be selected around the crops we want to grow. Many kinds of single raw materials are not suitable for direct granulation. For example, potassium fulvic acid has a high content of organic matter, but this kind of raw material is difficult to be pelleted alone. Need some other raw materials to match, such as livestock manure and other raw materials.

Now there are more granulation modes on the market, but they are roughly divided into three types.
What are the common ways of fertilizer granulation in the market?
First, extrusion granulation uses the mechanical principle, uses the way of roller to make the material extruded into granules. This granulation method is simple, less investment, quick effect and no need of drying and cooling. It is mainly aimed at the granulation of inorganic fertilizer such as ammonium chloride and ammonium sulfate. Disadvantages: the disadvantages of this kind of granulation are obvious, and the particles will not be particularly round, because the particles are extruded through the mold, so it is inevitable that there will be some edge grinding.

The second one is wet granulation. Wet granulation is divided into many kinds of equipment, including disc granulator, drum granulator, agitator granulator, organic fertilizer granulator machine and so on. Each granulation method is different for different raw materials, but there is a characteristic, that is, the moisture content of raw materials is generally 25% - 60%, and the moisture requirements are different due to different equipment. The technology and performance of these granulating equipments are better than others, such as stirring teeth granulation and organic fertilizer granulation. If it is pure organic matter granulation, it is recommended to choose stirring teeth granulation, which has a wide range of application, and the moisture content can be controlled between 25% - 45%. The organic fertilizer granulator machine mainly aims at adding some inorganic components (such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.) into the organic matter.

The third one is tower granulation. In fact, this kind of granulation has the lowest consumption in all. However, the initial investment of this set of equipment is too high. The investment of the whole set of equipment is more than 10 million, and the construction cost of some sites and workshops is not expanded.

It is very important for fertilizer plants to choose the equipment suitable for their own raw materials to control the cost, reduce the consumption and improve the quality. Careful choice, pay more attention to quality and quality and after-sales.
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