What are the installation standards of organic fertilizer granulator machine


Organic fertilizer granulator machine is specialized for organic fertilizer granulation configuration. In the whole organic fertilizer production line, the organic fertilizer granulator equipment is a very important hub, and the quality of granulation directly affects the organic fertilizer sowing. In accordance with the following standards for granulation:

(1) There should be at least two silos so that the granulator does not need to stop when the formula is adjusted.
(2) Before the materials are added into the granulator, the high-efficiency iron removal installation must be installed in order to damage the organic fertilizer granulator machine.
What are the installation standards of organic fertilizer granulator machine
(3) The organic fertilizer granulator should be directly planned on the cooler, and the pulverizer should be placed under the cooler.
(4) In order to prevent the particles from being damaged, a straight spiral chute is arranged in the bin.
(5) The packing of finished products should be placed behind the finished products warehouse.

1. Material recovery process of organic fertilizer granulator machine raw material receiving process adopts different raw material receiving process according to the type of raw material received, the overall situation of packaging and the selected conveying objects. No matter what kind of receiving process, it is necessary to conduct quality inspection and inspection of raw materials.

2. The raw materials from bulk trucks and tank trucks are automatically discharged into the receiving pit after being weighed by the ground scale. After the raw materials are discharged into the receiving pit, they are sent to the vertical silo for storage or directly into the silo to be damaged or the batching bin through the degree conveyor, bucket elevator, primary cleaning magnetic separator and automatic scale.

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