What are the requirements for organic fertilizer to be granular


Organic fertilizer production equipment is not rare in production and life, but with the improvement of people's living standards, in the whole green environment, organic fertilizer is more promising. Let's talk about organic fertilizer granules.

Organic fertilizer is spherical particles, in the production process, our organic fertilizer production equipment has played a huge role. The process of making organic fertilizer granules is very complicated. Granulation process includes: Fermentation - crushing - ingredients - stirring - granulation - shaping - drying - cooling - Screening - packaging. The following requirements for organic fertilizer granules are as follows:
What are the requirements for organic fertilizer to be granular
1. Requirements for raw materials: raw materials of organic fertilizer are also relatively wide, such as crop straw, soybean meal, animal manure, distiller's grains, sugar residue, domestic waste, etc. These materials should be fermented first. In the fermentation process, some nutrients can be properly added to improve the fertilizer efficiency of the granules, which is the requirement of the materials.

2. Moisture requirements: generally granulation is dry in and out, the moisture requirement is about 15%, and then according to the different characteristics of materials, different granulators are used to granulation.

3. Requirements of organic fertilizer production equipment: fertilizer granulator is suitable for materials with high adhesion, high molding rate and high density. If the material is not easy to be extruded, it needs to be extruded with a pair of double roller granulator first, and then the ball shaping machine can be used for shaping.
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