Key equipment in organic fertilizer production line


In the complete organic fertilizer production line, it is composed of a variety of organic fertilizer production equipment, among which the key equipment are fermentation compost turning machine and organic fertilizer granulator, which are divided into raw material preparation stage and finished product processing stage.
Key equipment in organic fertilizer production line
Composting and fermentation machine
Due to the long fermentation cycle of organic fertilizer raw materials, it is very important to select the appropriate composting fermentation equipment. The two most common fermentation methods are the stack type and the trough type. The former covers a large area and has a long production cycle, but the equipment is simple, the process is relatively simple, and does not involve civil engineering work, so the cost is low. It is suitable for small-scale farms with certain land for composting. Trough fermentation requires the construction of a special fermentation tank for the use of fermentation compost turning machine. This method has a higher utilization rate than the former on the site. Due to the thick accumulation of fertilizer layer, it is more conducive to the fermentation temperature rise of organic fertilizer raw materials, so the fermentation cycle is relatively short and the overall production efficiency is improved.
Key equipment in organic fertilizer production line
Organic fertilizer granulator
In the whole production line of organic fertilizer, fertilizer granulator plays an important role in the production of organic fertilizer. The raw materials of organic fertilizer have been transformed into commercial organic fertilizer. The quality and output of organic fertilizer granules are reflected here. Fertilizer granulator can select the appropriate particle size of organic fertilizer to meet the market demand.

In the organic fertilizer production industry, organic fertilizer raw materials present diversity, and the corresponding organic fertilizer production equipment also has certain suitability for various materials. From raw material fermentation to later production, we should reasonably allocate the required organic fertilizer production equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of each equipment in the processing process, we also need to properly treat the raw material of organic fertilizer to make it meet the processing conditions required by the fertilizer production equipment.
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