What are the types of compound NPK fertilizer granulator?


The drum granulator is composed of feed inlet, slurry distributor, ammonia distributor, supporting wheel device, stop wheel, drum, scraper device, motor, coupling, reducer, etc. The larger the drum diameter, length and motor power value, the smaller the drum angle and speed, the greater the production capacity.

The disc granulator is composed of motor, reducer, adjusting device, main shaft barrel, disc, scraper mechanism and the same frame. The inclination angle and rotation speed of NPK fertilizer granulator disc can be changed by adjusting device. Generally, the inclination angle is 45 degrees to 60 degrees, and the rotating speed is 30 rpm. The mixed raw material and return material are added above the disc, and a liquid injection port is arranged below the rotating direction. Due to the continuous rolling of the material with the rotation of the disc, the fine material is bound by the spray liquid, and the particles grow up continuously. Due to the inclined rotation, the particles are stratified, and the large particles are in the upper layer. Because the particles meet the specifications, the material can be discharged continuously from the lower edge of the disc. The smaller particles in the lower layer remain in the disc and continue to bond with the newly added material in the disc.

What are the types of compound NPK fertilizer granulator?

Extrusion granulator is to apply mechanical pressure to the mixed materials to make the materials agglomerate into particles. The structure of extrusion granulation is mainly composed of roll extrusion and wheel rolling extrusion.

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