What fertilizer granulators are available in organic fertilizer production equipment?


Organic fertilizer production equipment is the hottest mechanical equipment in the international market today, and every year it follows the rapid development of technology, and organic fertilizer production equipment changes rapidly.
Which fertilizer granulator machine is best in these organic fertilizer production equipment?
The first type of fertilizer granulator is a bio-organic fertilizer spherical granulator. On the basis of absorption, digestion and learning of the principle of pre-emptive pellet machine at home and abroad, after repeated trials and development, the existing granulator production has been overcome. The bio-fertilizer is sterilized by high temperature, the under-grain is not smooth, and the monotonic difficulty is difficult. A new bio-organic fertilizer granulator with a reasonable plan, simple structure, normal temperature preservation and particle dredging is developed, which ends the organic fertilizer due to the ease of granulation. The anti-ball is a harder history. The produced pellets have low water content and are easy to monotonous. Biofertilizer production can be carried out in the fertilizer manufacturing process.
Followed by the roller extrusion granulator, the production of non-monotonic normal temperature skills, one molding. The equipment has less capital investment, quick effect and good economic benefits. The complete equipment plan is compact, scientific and reasonable, and the skills are preemptive. Energy saving and consumption reduction, no three wastes are discharged, the operation is stable, the work is reliable, and the repair is convenient.
The third type, which is an organic fertilizer granulator, is used to granulate various organic substances after fermentation, breaking the conventional organic granulation skill, without monopolizing and destroying the material before granulation, and directly formulating the ingredients. It can process spherical particles and save a lot of power.
These three granulators are the best in organic fertilizer production equipment. Others have more good equipment, and friends can purchase organic fertilizer production equipment according to their own need.
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