Work flow and maintenance of the double roller granulator


The working process of the double roller granulator is divided into one extrusion and two granulation.

Extrusion: the dry material turns into a cake shape under the double roll extrusion effect of the double roller granulator. At this time, the density of the material is very large, and the intermolecular space is not large, so it is not easy to enter the air and get damp in the future preservation of the finished product. In the whole process of this fertilizer granulator, the principle of intermolecular force in physics is also used, so that the extruded molecules can be randomly combined into molecules with moderate spatial density.

Granulation: the material pressed into a cake shape is divided into numerous small particles under the crushing of the double roller granulator, so as to achieve the granulation purpose of the fertilizer granulator.
After severe extrusion and granulation, the utilization rate of the double roller granulator in raw materials is high, because there are not several times of processing in the middle, and no three wastes are discharged from the foundation, which is suitable for environmental protection.
Compared with other fertilizer granulators, the double roller granulator is characterized by its double roll. At the level of material selection, the roll is made of medium carbon steel plate with high hardness and strength and welded with round steel. After strict quality control and process regulations, the four corners of the sound card frame are equipped with lifting holes for easy use in loading, unloading and transportation.

Work flow and maintenance of the double roller granulator

Maintenance of double roller granulator:

1. Check the temperature of the motor and oil tank, check whether the bearing is partially overheated, and check whether there is abnormal noise, oil seepage, radial circular runout of the oil filter and spline shaft and the contact clearance with the end face of the screw.

2. Remove the dirt at the bottom of oil filter and oil tank on time, and fill the lubricating point on time. After "running in" of the new gearbox, replace it with new oil. After that, replace it every 4000 hours.

3. Maintain the screws regularly, tighten the screws of the moving and fixed knives with tools, and improve the fixity between the blades and the tool holder.

4. In order to ensure the sharpness of the cut, it is necessary to check the cutter frequently to ensure the sharpness of the cutter and reduce unnecessary damage to other components due to blunt blade.

5. When disassembling and replacing, the clearance between moving knife and fixed knife shall be appropriate.

6. After use, the remaining debris in the machine room shall be cleaned to reduce the starting resistance for next use. 
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