Livestock and poultry industry develop organic fertilizer


At present, the pollution of large-scale livestock and poultry breeding has become the main source of agricultural pollution. With the implementation of environmental protection law, the threshold of environmental protection continues to increase. In order to deal with the fecal pollution of breeding, many farms began to purchase organic fertilizer production equipment or cooperate with fertilizer enterprises to equip fertilizer production lines.

If it is a traditional method of rural composting, it can be composted without any organic fertilizer production equipment, but the composting cycle is too long. The simple production of the organic manure of the powdered livestock and poultry can be realized only by a compost turning machine and a crusher. The complete set of organic fertilizer production equipment for producing granular organic fertilizer includes: manure dehydrator, compost turning machine, crusher, mixer, fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine and packaging machine.
Livestock and poultry industry develop organic fertilizer

The application of organic fertilizer produced from the processing of animal manure organic fertilizer production equipment also meets our search for green and organic food. Because the organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer production equipment is full of nutrients and rich in organic matter, it can improve the soil environment. Because the improved soil can satisfy all kinds of nutrients needed for the growth of crops, the cultivated fruits and vegetables are also labeled green and organic, which meets our health seeking.

With a large number of large-scale breeding enterprises participating in the production of organic fertilizer, on the one hand, the former serious environmental pollution of livestock and poultry manure has been turned into high-quality commercial organic fertilizer, which realizes the resource utilization of waste and improves the added value. On the other hand, the integrated management from raw materials to processing and sales will help to ensure the quality of commercial organic fertilizer.
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