2 tons per hour flat die pelleting production line


With the continuous development of information technology and the continuous innovation of technology, all walks of life have shown a prosperous development speed. The fertilizer manufacturing industry has a place in the development of agriculture. The green development of fertilizer equipment has brought feasibility to environmental protection. At the same time, the continuous innovation of equipment technology has also improved the production efficiency of the fertilizer industry.
Zhengzhou Tianci Fertilizer Machinery Manufacturer has a history of 20 years and has a stable and rapid development mode. We are constantly seeking innovative ways of fertilizer equipment and have always been among the best in the fertilizer machinery market. We specialize in the production of complete fertilizer production line, and other auxiliary equipment, we have a professional technical team and complete service process, to give you a satisfactory cooperation experience, welcome new and old customers to visit our company, mutual benefit and win-win, create a better future!
Flat Die Pelleting Production Line
2 tons per hour flat die pelleting production line

This flat die pelleting line can reach a production capacity of 2 tons per hour. Its production process is very simple, the floor space is small, and there are not so many equipment structures. Therefore, its investment cost is relatively low, which can meet the demand of small and medium-sized enterprises for fertilizer output.
Introduction to the main fertilizer equipment in this production line:
  1. Flat die pelleting machine: It is widely used in the granulation of various organic substances, breaking the traditional fertilizer granulation process. Instead of drying, crushing and granulating the raw materials, it can directly process the raw materials into spherical particles, thus saving a lot of energy.
  2. Half-wet material crusher: It pulverizes the raw materials after fermentation, and the fineness of the pulverization can be directly carried out in the granulation step, which is very popular in the market.
  3. Horizontal mixer: It is to stir and pulverize the raw materials of the dough, and it can smoothly carry out the subsequent processes.
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