Hot sale double die pelleting production line of fertilizer machinery manufacturer


Zhengzhou Tianci fertilizer machinery manufacturer has been adhering to the cultural concept of "quality first" and "customer first". After years of research and development, it has produced a new technology which combines domestic and international spiral, flat die, ring die, two-way die, two-way roller plus screw force combination granulator. It has the characteristics of high automation, high cost performance, high output per unit, and so on. Low board loss and low power consumption.
Working principle of double die pelleting machine: adopting the spiral rolling granulation technology, the organic materials can be continuously and intensively rolled and sheared in the granulation area, and the physical granulation pressure between the powder and particle materials can be significantly strengthened. The granulation efficiency is 1-3 times higher than that of the conventional extrusion granulator, and the power consumption is reduced by more than 60%. 
Double Die Pelleting Production Line

Hot sale double die pelleting production line of fertilizer machinery manufacturer
The production line has large output and high production efficiency, which can meet the needs of users for powder and granular products. Next, I will briefly introduce the production process of the double mold granulator.
1. Production process of powdery organic fertilizer: place the fermented raw materials in the forklift bin, and then transport them to the screening machine via the belt conveyor. Transport the small powdery products directly to the packaging machine and the large particles to the fertilizer granulation production line.
2. Process of granular organic fertilizer production line: after the larger particles are stirred and crushed, they will be transported to the double die pelleting machine, and then the granulator will make the appearance of the particles more beautiful and improve the product grade. The manufactured particles can be put into the coating machine for coating to prevent the fertilizer particles from getting damp, and then they will be transported to the screening machine to screen the appropriate particles to the packaging machine, and the unqualified particles will be crushed and then re production process of granulation.

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