An annual output of 50000 tons of organic fertilizer production line


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Process flow of 50000 ton / a organic fertilizer production line:
This organic fertilizer production line is first the screening treatment of raw materials, then the granulation treatment of raw materials, and finally the packaging of fertilizer.

An annual output of 50000 tons of organic fertilizer production line

1. Screening treatment of raw materials
The fermented organic fertilizer raw materials are put into the loader feeding hopper, double shaft mixer, screening machine through the organic fertilizer machine.The large raw materials are mixed and crushed in the double shaft mixer. The small powdered organic fertilizer is packaged directly. The appropriate raw materials are put into the batching system.  According to a certain proportion, the N, P, K and other elements are mixed to carry out the organic fertilizer granulation.

2. Granulation process of fertilizer
The automatic batching system enters the chain crusher and double shaft mixer through the belt conveyor for mixing, then enters the new type two and one organic fertilizer granulator for granulation, dries the organic fertilizer particles through the dryer and cooler for convenient storage and transportation, enters the screening machine for suitable particles for packaging, and the unsuitable particles enter the chain crusher for circulating granulation 。
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