A complete set of organic fertilizer production lines of fertilizer manufacturers


There are two steps to produce commercial organic fertilizer by organic fertilizer machine: pre fermentation and deep granulation.
I. early stage organic fertilizer machine
The machine used in the fermentation of organic fertilizer is a windrow turner. After that, the fermented raw materials are put into the loader feeding hopper. Through the crushing and mixing function of the half wet material grinder, the raw materials suitable for later granulation are transported to the deep processing parts of organic fertilizer after screening by the primary screening machine.

A complete set of organic fertilizer production lines of fertilizer manufacturers

II. Organic fertilizer deep processing machine
① forklift bin ② double shaft mixer ③ uniform feeder ④ agitator granulator ⑤ drum dryer ⑥ drum cooler ⑦ drum screening machine ⑧ chain crusher ⑨ packaging machine

Advantages of organic fertilizer production line
This organic fertilizer production line is characterized by advanced technology, compact structure, application of harmless treatment of organic waste, biological fermentation under the action of a variety of beneficial microorganisms, full decomposition of organic matter, release of nutrients, the formation of biological heat and high-temperature fermentation process can kill insect eggs, bacteria, clean the environment, detoxify and deodorize, achieve resource and industrialization, and low energy consumption, Harmless, stable product quality.
The organic fertilizer of the organic fertilizer production line not only creates economic benefits for the enterprise, but also makes great contribution to the environmental protection project of human beings.

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