8t/h Organic fertilizer production line


The main raw materials of the 8-ton-per-hour organic fertilizer production line are the excrement and crop straw of livestock and poultry industry as the carriers, and the bacteria as the main fertilizer effective ingredients are added, which are widely used in vegetables, orchards, grain crops, cash crops, etc., to reduce the soil hardening phenomenon of excessive fertilizer application and improve the quality of crops. Then what kind of supporting equipment do you have to invest in such a production line? Zhengzhou Tianci will introduce it to you.
combination granulation production line
8t/h  Organic fertilizer production line

The working process of this organic fertilizer production line is: batching system, double shaft mixer, uniform feeder, organic fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler, roller screen, packaging machine.
Purpose of main fertilizer equipment:
1. Batching system
The machine adopts computer scale for automatic control and pneumatic door for quantitative feeding of main material bin. After mixing in the mixed material bin, the material will be sent out automatically in the belt conveyor.
2. Double shaft mixer
It is applicable to the mixing of dry powder materials after entering the tank, the relative movement of double spiral blades, and the automatic humidifier to control the moisture and temperature of materials, and the next process after the tank is evenly stirred.
3. Organic fertilizer granulator
The new type two in one organic fertilizer granulator is used in this production line. Its advantages are that it can granulate the coarse fibers which are difficult to be granulated, high pelletizing rate, large output, stable operation and convenient installation. It is an environmental protection production equipment.
4. Uniform feeder
It is a new generation of fertilizer conveying product, which can be weighed, metered and quantitatively controlled. It can make the fertilizer evenly transported to the fertilizer granulator and improve the production efficiency of the fertilizer.
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