Automatic Powdery Organic Fertilizer Production Line


Powdered organic fertilizer production line is a simple operation production line. From production to finished products, only a few kinds of equipment are needed to achieve the goal. The main equipment used include fermentation stacker, crusher, packaging machine can be made into organic fertilizer.
Powdery Organic Fertilizer Production Line
Automatic Powdery Organic Fertilizer Production Line
Process flow of powder organic fertilizer production line:
1. Organic fertilizer raw materials are mixed, the C/N ratio is controlled at 23-28, and the moisture content is controlled at 52-68%.
2. Material heap temperature began to rise, indicating that fermentation began, the temperature rose to more than 60 degrees, and began to turn over after 48 hours. (But when the temperature exceeded 70 degrees, it must turn over immediately.) When turning over, it must be even and thorough, turning low-level materials into the upper and middle parts of the heap as far as possible, so as to fully mature, depending on the degree of material maturity to determine the number of turning over. This can be used in compost machine.
3. After fermentation and decomposition, the organic fertilizer is crushed and stirred into powder, which is packaged and stored.
Production process of powdered organic fertilizer: The whole production line has high production efficiency and stable equipment operation. The fertilizer equipment is connected by loader feeding hopper - organic fertilizer crusher - screening machine - automatic packaging weighing.
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