Multi-production Ring roller Granulation Production Line


Ring roller granulation is only for the production of cylindrical fertilizer, its advantages are: at the same time, the output is increased by more than 15% compared with other granulators, the granulation rate reaches more than 95%, the quality is excellent, and is loved by major enterprises, is the ideal processing equipment for fertilizer processing enterprises. Our company specially customizes the production of complete sets of fertilizer production equipment for enterprises,and products are all over the country. some products have been exported. Interested customers are welcome to consult us.
Pictures of Ring Roller Granulation Production Line

Application and Characteristics of Ring roller Granulator Production Line:
1.In the selection of raw materials, the ring roller granulator is suitable for all raw materials. It has a wide range of production and does not adhere to one form.
2.In the structure of the granulator, there are two granulation moulds, which greatly improve the production efficiency, mainly using gear belt rotating mechanical granulation.
3.In the process of processing, keeping the temperature at a lower level and the temperature of granules not exceeding 30℃ can better guarantee the various nutrient components of raw materials.
Advantages of Ring roller Granulation Production Line:
1.Fully automatic mechanical process, saving manpower cost
2.Large production and high production efficiency
3.Low investment, low cost, visible benefits
4.Easy to operate and maintain
Tips: There are many types of granulator in this series. Customers can choose different types according to their output.

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