20000t/year New Type Two in One Organic Fertilizer Granulation Production Line


The new type two in one organic fertilizer granulator is a new type of combined granulator. Its advantage is that it has two spiral stirring teeth embedded in it. The material is shaped by high-speed rotation, and the output is generally more than 5 tons. It is a popular organic fertilizer granulator in the market. Our company has granulators of different sizes and specifications. Customers can choose different models according to their production needs. Interested customers are welcome to consult. 20000t/year New Type Two in One Organic Fertilizer Granulation Production Line
Flow chart of a new type of two in one organic fertilizer granulation process
The production principle of new type two in one organic fertilizer granulation production line:
After composting by fermentation, the raw materials can be deodorized by adding appropriate fillers, killing harmful bacteria and transforming non-protein in livestock, poultry and human feces into bacterial protein, thus improving nutrient digestibility. Finally, granulation is carried out by physical method.
Introduction of the main equipment in the production line:
1.The batching system is a single silo single weigh dynamic automatic batching system. It uses computer to precisely proportioning raw materials, and uses speed sensors and weighing sensors to continuously transmit raw materials.
2.The new type two in one organic fertilizer granulation is suitable for all organic matter, and its output is larger than that of traditional organic fertilizer granulator. At the same time, it can granulate crude fibers which are difficult to granulate.
3.Half-wet material mixer can be used to grind and stir raw materials after composting and fermentation, and its grinding degree can meet the requirements of granulation.
4.Coating machine can effectively prevent fertilizer caking with powder pulverizing or liquid coating technology.
Advantages of Production Line:
1.In the whole production process, there is no waste water, waste gas and solid waste, which has high economic benefits and remarkable ecological benefits.
2.The product has high output, full automatic control, easy operation and labor cost saving.
3.The cost of using raw materials is low, mainly livestock and poultry manure and agricultural waste, but also to protect the ecological environment. 
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