Production process of special combined organic fertilizer granulation


With the development of agricultural economy, the production of organic fertilizer has been recognized by more and more people. It can not only ensure the stable production and income increase of crops, but also improve the soil environment. The production process of organic fertilizer has realized the virtuous cycle of social, economic and ecological benefits, with huge market potential and broad development prospects.
Production process of special combined organic fertilizer granulation
  • Introduction of the main organic fertilizer machine :
  1. 1.The batching system is a single silo single weigh dynamic automatic batching system. It uses computer to precisely proportioning raw materials, and uses speed sensors and weighing sensors to continuously transmit raw materials.
  2. 2.The new type stirring tooth-drum granulation is suitable for all organic matter, and its output is larger than that of traditional organic fertilizer granulator. At the same time, it can granulate crude fibers which are difficult to granulate.
  3. 3.Coating machine can effectively prevent fertilizer caking with powder pulverizing or liquid coating technology.
  • Advantages of organic fertilizer production line:
  1. 1. The nutrient elements are comprehensive, and the fertilizer effect is moderate and lasting.
  2. 2. It can increase and renew soil organic matter, promote microbial reproduction, enhance respiration, promote root growth, improve physical and chemical properties and biological activity of soil.
  3. 3. Reducing environmental pollution is the main nutrient source of green food production.
  4. 4. In the whole production process, there is no waste water, waste gas and solid waste, which has high economic benefits and remarkable ecological benefits.
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