Complete equipment of small organic fertilizer production line


An organic fertilizer production line can not only meet the needs of the local fertilizer, but also meet the needs of the surrounding market. The organic fertilizer production line can be used for harmless treatment, resource utilization and commercialized operation and production of organic waste, so what are the advantages of investing in an organic fertilizer production line?

1. Organic fertilizer production line is not limited by raw materials.

2. Save environmental protection and realize the recycling of resources.

3. The operation is simple and the quality is reliable. The whole fertilizer production process can be completed by only one or two people.

4. Low cost, good quality and low price, advanced technology.

Complete equipment of small organic fertilizer production line

The process of this organic fertilizer production line is as follows: ① batching system ② horizontal mixer ③ buffer bin ④ flat die pelleting machine ⑤ ball shaping machine ⑥ packaging machine
① batching system: It can be used in various batching production lines. It is an automatic batching algorithm software computer as its automatic batching control system.
② horizontal mixer: The material is fully mixed, thus improving the mixing uniformity.
③ buffer bin:  When discharging, it can realize constant speed and uninterrupted output, and improve work efficiency.
④ flat die pelleting machine:  The surface of granular materials is smooth, the hardness is moderate, the temperature rise is low in the processing process, and it can better maintain the internal nutrients of raw materials
⑤ ball shaping machine:  It is an ideal organic fertilizer machine for organic fertilizer (biological) to make spherical particles, which has the advantages of once rolling into a ball, no return material, good strength, beautiful appearance and practicality.
⑥ packaging machine: The packaging machine is mainly composed of automatic quantitative packaging scale and optional parts (conveyor, seam sewing machine / heat sealing machine). Spiral feeding is adopted, and materials are discharged by feeding mechanism.
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