Production technology of organic fertilizer by agitating teeth granulation


The organic fertilizer machine of organic fertilizer production includes: belt conveyor, large angle belt conveyor, double shaft mixer, uniform feeder, agitator teeth organic fertilizer granulator, screening machine, vertical crusher and packaging machine.

This organic fertilizer production process is as follows:
1. Raw materials from the fermentation tank are transported to the deep processing area of organic fertilizer granulation by forklift or belt conveyor
2. The raw materials are transported to the double shaft mixer by the large angle belt conveyor, and evenly transported by the two internal spiral shafts
3. The uniform feeder can feed the raw materials into the granulator, improve the pelletizing rate of the granulator and the production rate of the whole fertilizer
4. Organic fertilizer granulator, the new type two in one organic fertilizer granulator used here, can also replace other granulators according to the actual needs of customers
5. After granulation, the particles are transported to the roller screen machine through the large angle belt conveyor, the qualified particles are directly packed and stored, and the unqualified particles are directly returned to the granulator or through the vertical crusher crushing returned to the granulator.

Production technology of organic fertilizer by agitating teeth granulation

Advantages of this organic fertilizer production process
1. Save space and land
2. Efficient production rate, simple operation and high degree of automation
3. Tight structure of fertilizer production process and advanced technology
4. Low investment, low cost, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises
5. Harmless utilization of organic fertilizer waste, resource recycling and recycling

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