Qatar Organic Fertilizer Powder Production Line Delivery


This is a simple organic fertilizer production line. After organic fertilizer composting, there is no need to granulate. This organic fertilizer powder production line has less investment and quick returns. We are the manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment, our organic fertilizer equipment is the best and the cheapest. Organic fertilizer powder production line is also one of the hot organic fertilizer production lines. 
Qatar Organic Fertilizer Powder Production Line DeliveryQatar Organic Fertilizer Powder Production Line DeliveryQatar Organic Fertilizer Powder Production Line Delivery
The major machines of the Qatar Organic Fertilizer Powder Production Line: Uniform Feeder, Half-Wet Material Crusher, Rotary Screener Machine, Powder Fertilizer Packing Machine, Belt Conveyor and Mobile Belt Conveyor.
Half-Wet Material Crusher is the most important Machine in Qatar Organic Fertilizer Powder Production Line, After the organic raw material is composted, it is pulverized by the Half-Wet Material Crusher, and then a suitable pulverized organic fertilizer is screened by a Rotary Screener Machine for packaging, and the unsuitable organic fertilizer is continuously pulverized and sieved.
The series of semi-wet material crusher is a professional one with many years experience and advanced crushing technology at home and abroad by our scientific research personnel. The machine completely solve the problem of organics crushing with high moisture content, which is a national initiative, and declare the national patent. The successful development of this machine played a key role in cutting down the process of  the bio-organic and compost fertilizer, Reduce equipment investment and Saving running cost.
Rotary drum screening machine is common equipment in fertilizer production, mainly used for separating the returned materials and finished product, also realize the classification of the end products, and even classify the end products.

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