Nissan 200 tons of combination granulation production line


This is a complete fertilizer production line that can be used for both organic fertilizer production and compound fertilizer production. This fertilizer production line is high-yield, large output, high yield, but inexpensive. It is one of the most popular fertilizer production lines. We are a fertilizer equipment manufacturer and the best fertilizer equipment manufacturer in China. Our organic fertilizer equipment, organic fertilizer granulator and organic fertilizer production line have been sold all over the world.
Nissan 200 tons of combination granulation production line simple operation, stable operation, energy saving, environmental protection.
Major Machine of the Nissan 200 tons of combination granulation production line:
1,Batching System Series
It is mainly used for the mixing, batching and feeding of 3-8 kinds of materials. The machine adopts computer scales for automatic control, and uses pneumatic valves to control the main material warehouse for quantitative feeding. After the materials are mixed in the mixing silo, they are automatically sent out by the belt conveyor.
2,Double Axis Mixer
It is used for granulation to all kinds of organic matter after fermentation, break through the conventional organic prilling before granulation needs not to dry and crush the raw materials. It can direct burdening to work out cylindrical grain, can save a lot of energy.
3,New Type Two In One Organic Fertilizer Granulator(Combination Granulator)
The granulator is used for granulation of various organic compounds after fermentation, raw materials after crushing direct can be processing a spherical particles, can save a lot of energy. The fertilizer pellet is spherical, organic content can be as high as 100%. The granulator can not only granulate a variety of organic matter, but also for the coarse fiber materials which are difficult to be granulated by conventional equipment, such as crop straw, wine residue, mushroom residue, drug residue, animal dung and so on. 
Rotary drum dryer is mainly used to produce compound fertilizer and dry a certain temperature and granularity of fertilizer. On the other hand, it also can be used for drying other materials.
5,Cyclone Dust Collector
This cooler used for the production of compound fertilizer, cool fertilizer with certain temperature and particle size. Use dryer together can greatly improve the cooling rate, reduce labor intensity and improve the quality, further remove moisture, reduce the grain temperature of fertilizer. 
Rotary drum screening machine is common equipment in compound fertilizer production, mainly used for separating the returned materials and finished product, also realize the classification of the end products, and even classify the end products.
Chain crusher is applied to the shattering of the block in the production of organic fertilizer, Also, it is widely used in chemical industry, building materials, mining and other industries. This machine use high-intensity wear resisting and cemented carbide chain plate with synchronous speed, and it has reasonable design for entrance and out quarrel, so which results in such advantages: fully broken, difficult to stick wall, easy to clean.
The complete equipment of rotary coating machine include screw conveyor, mixing tank, oil pump and main engine etc. Which form Liquid coating process. The main engine uses polypropylene lining or acid resistant stainless steel, which effectively prevent the lumps of compound fertilizer.
10,Packing Machine

1. The main raw materials of the production line are livestock and poultry manure and agricultural waste. It not only converts waste into treasure, but also protects the environment.
2. The whole process of organic fertilizer production is controlled centrally. The series is highly automated and easy to operate.
3. The proportioning system and packaging system are controlled by computer to ensure the accuracy of material proportioning and fertilizer packaging.
4. The product has high quality, stable performance, compact process layout, advanced technology and convenient maintenance.

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