8 Reasons to Choose Bacterial Fertilizer


Surveys show that in the current fertilization phenomenon, "the main use of fertilizer, neglect of organic fertilizer, biological bacteria fertilizer" is still relatively serious. It is found that as long as the fruit farmers approach the road, it is easy to save fruit to increase income. In particular, the choice of bacterial fertilizer, many fruit farmers have been continuously applied for more than 3 years, and achieved good results, but still many fruit farmers ignore the role of bacterial fertilizer, choose fertilizer at the bottom fertilizer. Biofertilizer Production is actually quite simple. Autumn sterilised fertilizer, at least the following 8 reasons, hope that fruit farmers can pay enough attention!

1, quickly replenish beneficial bacteria, change the long-term application of fertilizer brought about by a variety of soil deterioration. The overuse of fertilizer has resulted in the killing of a large number of beneficial bacteria in the soil, the destruction of the soil granulated structure, acidification, acclimation and increasingly serious, and the loss of the ability to rely on microorganisms to repair and metabolize. Fruit farmers friends usually see the crop rotten root, dead slugs, yellowing, leaves, melon fruit is not sweet, difficult to store and so on, in fact, the soil was damaged, contaminated, beneficial bacteria a large number of results! To solve these problems, the only effective way is to apply bacterial fertilizer to supplement the soil beneficial microbial flora. The most important machine for the production of biological organic fertilizer is fertilizer granulator machine, we are the fertilizer machine manufacturers, our organic fertilizer production equipment is patented, the operation, the operation is stable.
2, comprehensive provision of crop nutrition. Bacterial fertilizer can fix nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, promote boron, calcium, zinc, iron, silicon, palladium, aluminum and other mineral nutrition release, prevention and cure of various types of deficiency;
3, improve the utilization rate of fertilizer. Taking Delong biome fertilizer as an example, after 35 days of test determination, total nitrogen increased by 7%, quick-acting potassium increased by 12%, and quick-acting phosphorus increased by 90%.Fertilizer utilization rate increased by about 30% in general;
4, to the soil to supplement the active organic matter, effectively improve the soil granules structure. Can improve the ground temperature, enhance the crop cold, anti-freeze capacity;

5, to bacteria, a large number of supplementary bacteria, can inhibit or kill harmful bacteria, enhance the ability of crops to resist disease, reduce and prevent root decay, root knots, root swelling, withering, yellow leaves, leaves, falling flowers, falling fruit and other phenomena occur;

6, the secretion of bacterial fertilizer neomycin, crop growth hormone and other stimulation root system growth, promote crop root, seedling, early flowering, easy to sit fruit, early harvest, extend the harvest period; 7, bacteria fat to add live soil, root system, especially capillary growth is good, crop absorption of comprehensive nutrition.


Improve the quality of agricultural products, fruit integrity, fruit powder thick, coloring comprehensive, good appearance, pure taste, full nutrition; 8, bacteria fertilizer contains to help crops absorb nutrients of proenzyme, yield effect is good, can increase yield of 15% - more than 30%.

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