Introduction to the principle of fertilizer granulator machine


Fertilizer granulator machine principle introduction: China's current granulation technology is mainly divided into: rolling type, mechanical force and other types.
The whole process is through the fertilizer granulator machine in the process of continuous rolling, through the addition of water or powdered substances in the  fertilizer granulator machine rotation, through constant friction, collision, so repeated in the molding. Wet forming phase: This is an important core phase, which is to make the powder wrap object nuclear, so that the liquid waste invades the inside of the powder material.
When the particles of the dry solids come into contact with water, the particle surface quickly absorbs water to form thin-film water, capillary water, and makes the particles close together under external surface tension or external forces, which are close to each other and bonded to complete powder forming. Growth collision phase: This is a step-by-step integration process that allows particles to collide repeatedly between particles and raw materials, and particles are repeatedly squeezed and collided by the device.
In the nucleation process, due to the addition of binders, so that many small particles gradually increase the collision, so that bonded together, forming normal particles. Crushing wear phase: This is the process of treating incomplete particles after collision or wear or tear in the granulator, and after squeezing. In the production process, the division easily affects the size of the particles unevenly distributed, so the binder will form two particles, need to go through a long process of uniform dispersion.

Fertilizer granulator machine is the core equipment of fertilizer manufacturing process, some organic fertilizer manufacturing process can be used for npk fertilizer production, this is to depend on your fertilizer granulator machine. Some fertilizer granulator machine is can carry out organic fertilizer production can also carry out npk fertilizer production.

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